Canada Day Word

Worship time - a reverent atmosphere


The following was a Word by the Spirit given to a member of our congregation on Sunday, June 28th,
after Pastor Adrian’s message on our Godly heritage in the nation of Canada.

“This is the nation I have blessed
from north to south, from east to west –
established before man’s time began,
ready, according to my plan
for all that I am ready to do
through my church, my people – you!

Things declared are coming to pass.
Many will say “At last! At last!”
But I have spoken from days of old,
up to the present, through prophets bold,
that my Word will always stand
across and throughout this glorious land.

This is my country, my chosen place,
to bring about my saving grace
to nations, to cities around the earth –
there is so much to which you will give birth.

My name, my Word – they will prevail
over all the enemies attempts to derail.
My Word, my promises are sure!
This Land, this nation, shall endure!

By faith you are part of me.
It’s all in my plan, as you will see.
My plan for you is good, not bad,
so lift your voices – rejoice, be glad!”