Yard Sale – June 8, 2019



  1. The event will be held on the Church’s property (9 Hunters Road, Vandorf)
  2. If you are interested in selling your “stuff”, you can rent a table/spot for $5.  Call the Church Office at 905-751-0555 (leave a message if no reply)
  3. Bring only items that are clean, not broken, appropriate and in good condition.
  4. You are responsible for your table/spot, its set up, your sales and the table/spot removal.  
  5. Have your own cash float available.
  6. Set up time is available on Friday from 4pm – 8pm
  7. Arrive on Saturday no later than 7:30 am
  8. Yard sale, rain or shine from 8am – 2pm
  9. If you wish to contribute a portion of your sales to the Growth Development Fund, you can do so by using a church offering envelope – available on the day of the sale, upon request.  
  10. BBQ available 11 am – 2pm

  See you there!