The following is a collection of prophecies from different sources and brought at various times through 2017:

1.  Prophecy spoken over Pastors Adrian and Irene by Kenneth Copeland, July 1, 2017

The video clip below was recorded at the KCM Toronto Campaign on July 1, 2017 when our pastors presented a fire truck to the Copelands for use at their ministry headquarters.


2.  Prophecy spoken over Pastors Adrian and Irene, November 26, 2017

               By David Paget

Just as you gave the firetruck in obedience to Kenneth Copeland’s ministry, I am sending My fire and anointing to your assembly and you will be in awe of the change that is coming upon your ministry.

For eyes have not seen nor ears heard or entered into the heart of man what I have in store for you. 

You haven’t seen anything yet! 


3.  Prophecy spoken over the LWFF Congregation, December 2017

By Joy Hilton

In 2018 my fire will come

It will be for all, not just for some!

Demonic forces fight to no avail

For you my church shall surely prevail.

My Bride, my love, with you I stand

We shall go forward, hand in hand.

It’s time for my glory in this holy place

Where you have come to seek my face

Expect my anointing and not by degrees

Expect my power that quickly frees

Everyone from sickness & disease.

It’s one of the keys I gave to you

Holy Spirit will show you what to do.

His presence upon you will be so strong –

It’s what I’ve desired for you all along.

This is the time when impossible things

Become possible with what my Spirit brings.

Remember that this place is mine

It’s holy, precious & divine

Remember this is holy ground

And my glory is all around.

Don’t let these words that have been spoken

Become just another sign or token

This fire must become a part of you

Affecting all you say and do

Expect my glory; expect my power;

This is my church’s greatest hour!


4.  Dr Jerry Savelle’s prophecy for 2018

The text of this prophecy “2018 – Days of Glory, Days of Flourishing, Days of Abounding” can be found here in PDF format for reading or downloading.


5.  Kenneth Copeland and George Pearsons prophecy for 2018

A video of this prophecy “2018 – Year of the Holy Ghost and Fire” (November 6, 2017) can be found here with a text transcript.