Our Pastors

pastors_webPastors Adrian & Irene Weening both grew up in small communities in Ontario. They met when they attended the same Christian high school.  They married in 1980 and grew their family of four children alongside a successful nursery greenhouse business. Both Adrian & Irene were raised in strong Christian families. 

A life of active faith and the pursuit of a personal relationship with Jesus were strongly encouraged from an early age and they modelled their own parenting from this example.  One of their greatest pleasures is spending time with their children and grandchildren.

In 1986 they received the call of God on their lives and took steps towards answering this call, including faithful attendance and involvement at Living Water Faith Fellowship where they eventually served on staff.  In August 1996, the Weening family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where Adrian & Irene enrolled as Bible school students in the two year program at RHEMA Bible Training College.  Adrian specialized in the Evangelism program while Irene specialized in the Ministry of Helps program.  After graduation in 1998, the family returned to Canada and again became active and served faithfully in their local church.

Since 2003, Irene has served as the Executive Director for Kenneth Hagin Ministries of Canada.  In 2005, Adrian also went into full time ministry, as an itinerant minister, fulfilling their vision of “Coast to Coast in the Holy Ghost”.   Adrian also spent nearly a decade as the Ontario Chapter President of Chariots of Light, serving Dr. Jerry Savelle.  He also serves as the Ontario District Director of the RHEMA Ministerial Association in Canada.   Adrian and Irene also have a reputation both nationally and stateside to bring supernatural connections together in the body of Christ.

Adrian and Irene Weening feel as though they have come full circle and eagerly continue the pursuit of God’s call on their lives.  They are positive that as they lead and serve this congregation, faith will strengthen, roots will deepen, and a welcoming, Spirit-led community will continue to grow – that the ordinary will become extraordinary and this church will continue to THRIVE!