Covid-19 Re-Opening Notice: June 14 and 21

Please note the following message regarding our service arrangements:

After much consideration,  Pastor has decided it would be in our best interest to wait one more week to have our service together.  We understand this may be a disappointment to you,   but with the information and guidelines we have received,  we are postponing meeting in person at the church until Sunday June 21.
We will postpone communion until we are able to participate together, next week – June 21.
We may contact some of you through the coming week to help us set up,  and also may contact some of you to help us enforce some of the guidelines on the 21st.  
So to give you a heads up, and so you can prepare your hearts with a right attitude here are some of the guidelines:
  • If you are not feeling well,  stay home.
  • If  you are more comfortable wearing a mask,  bring and wear your own (masks are not required) – we will be maintaining social distance (2 metres)
  1. Church doors will remain closed until 10:15
  2. Upon entering the building, you will be asked to santize your hands
  3. You will be asked how many seats you or your family require,  you will be directed to your seat. Do not move chairs.
  4. Remain in your seat
  5. No hand shaking,  no hugs
  6. If you must use the washroom,  sanitize your hands before entering,  do your business, wash your hands thoroughly,  AND  hand sanitize.  Someone will be montioring the hallway to the washrooms, only one person at a time permitted in that hallway.  Sanitizer will be on the counter in the hallway by the washrooms.
  7. We will not have a time of singing (temporary decision)
  8. Please continue to give via etransfer.  An offering basket will be at the door but please have your envelope ready to deposit in the basket as we are not permitted to pass the basket.
  9. Communion elements will be individually packaged which you will pick up from a serving table yourself upon entry, while maintaining social distancing.  Unless you prefer to bring your own.  
  10. There will be no childcare or Sunday School.
  11. When service is dismissed in an organized manner,  you are required to exit immediately as directed,  no congregating or socializing in the building or outside.  
While this may seem excessive, it is required, and we do it to  eliminate liability to the church and it’s board.  
If you are uncomfortable with this decision,  please stay home.  Service will still be offered on Facebook live and posted to our website later.  
Although this is not what we are used to, we are thankful to be able to gather again.  
So for now,  
  • Sunday June 14 service will be offered on line using Facebook Live and later posted to our church website. 
  • Sunday June 21, we will meet for service in person, respecting the guidelines.  
Thank you in advance for your cooperation, understanding and continued support.  
Pastors Adrian and Irene