Online Giving



During the Covid-19 lockdown, and after, tithes, offerings and other monetary gifts can be easily and securely transmitted and deposited to the church’s bank account.

We support using the Interac email money transfer system. It is very easy to set up and is very secure (think ATMs).

To use it you need to follow a few simple setup steps on your bank account online  management screen:

  1. Set up the name and email address of your intended recipient (in this case “Living Water Church” and “” respectively. This information will be saved for future use once the initial transfer has been completed.
  2. You then select an option on your same banking screen, this time to send an email to the recipient. It will be something like “Transfers” >> “Interac e-Transfer” (slight variations depending on your financial institution)
  3. You will  need to specify which of your bank accounts to pay from, and how much to transfer. You will be asked to choose and provide a password which LWFF will need to complete the transfer.
  4. The system will then send an email to LWFF advising us of the funds you are sending.
  5. LWFF will respond to the mail by supplying your password and the transaction will be completed. The funds will be available to us immediately.

If you need further information on how to do this please call the church office – 905-751-0555